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The Wilton SEPTA’s mission is to build compassionate, trusting, and collaborative relationships with all members of our schools and community. We strive to ensure that the diversity of all children receiving Special Education and related services will be supported, celebrated and socially embraced. Collectively, we will work to increase access to resources; empowering every child with the opportunity and inspiration to thrive.

Our Members

Any individual that has an interest in the welfare of students with diverse needs.  Membership is open to everyone!


  • Wilton SEPTA believes that it takes a community approach to support strong special education programs and dedicates itself to promoting positive and productive interactions that foster understanding and unity.


  • Wilton SEPTA devotes itself to enhancing the educational experience of all children receiving special education services by providing additional support, opportunities and programs necessary to further enhance the enrichment experience of all children receiving special education services.


  • Wilton SEPTA is dedicated to bringing parents and teachers together to create a unified network of information and support for both parents and teachers involved in Special Education through the development of workshops, support groups, newsletters and website.

Executive Board

President - Kara Berghaus

Secretary - Rosalie Witt

Treasurer - Debra Clark

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