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birthday parades

From Alexandra Ralph:

Hi all! I started a list of upcoming birthdays with child’s name and date (moms and dads can be included too!)

All “parades” will be at 3:30pm unless host family prefers a different time (please note that next to your child’s name). If there are multiple children on the same day, just try to visit one after the other if you can. Honk, roll down the windows, blast some music, and HAVE FUN! Sorry neighbors, this is for the kids! Have birthday child stand out on the front lawn!

If you are comfortable, please add your address. Since this a secure and private group and our addresses are listed with the PTA anyway, I think it’s safe to do so. If you’re not comfortable doing that, just say “message for address”.

The list is sorted by soonest birthday first. (Added what was there from the original thread) Please make sure a parent is tagged!

The document is on the MD PTA Group. Please join.

Join or Find a Birthday Parade:LINK


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